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For the Love of Fate and Airport Delays

Updated: Mar 13

On making the most of unfortunate circumstance

Travel delays suck. We’ve all experienced them when you’re brimming with pre-trip excitement, you’re all packed up and mentally prepared for the excursion ahead. You show up early to your gate, only to be told to wait for a few more hours with a horde of others just as pissed off as you. Or worst case you have to head back home with your tail tucked between your legs to try your luck again the next day.

If you’re lucky this doesn’t happen too often or when it does it’s mitigated to a short delay. For others, it seemingly happens all too frequently and leads to nightmarish travel scenarios. And then there’s me, who must have slept with the travel god’s wife in another life as that’s the only sensible explanation I could muster for the outright absurdity that is my experience traveling.

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